We defend the rights and dignity of migrants.


We envision migrants fully integrated into their new societies.

These are the numbers we face

Row 1 - Global@2x

1 Billion

Migrants located globally.

Row 1 - International@2x

244 Million

International migrants.

Row 1 - Internally@2x

763 Million

Intranational migrants.

Row 2 - Forcibly@2x

60 Million

Forcibly displaced people.

Row 2 - International Refugees@2x

19 Million

International refugees.

Row 2 - Domestic@2x

27 Million

Intranational refugees.

Row 3 - Dies 1@2x


Migrants have died since 2000 attempting to reach a new home.

Row 3 - Transition@2x


Migrants died in transition in 2015.

Row 3 - 2016@2x


Migrants have died in transition in 2016.


For many the voyage itself is perilous – 40,000 migrants have died in transition since 2000. Experts suspect that for every one of the 40,000 dead bodies discovered, there are at least two others that were never recovered.


Along with death and birth, migration is among the primary components of population change. One billion of the seven billion people on our planet are displaced from their place of origin. Despite genuine efforts to make new homes, their deep ethnic, educational, and economic disadvantages separate them from their new society. They remain isolated, invisible, and ignored.